What is love, the part of life?(poem)

​Life is slow

Life is fast

With her inside

I stand here to fight
She is soft

She is hard

Like a coin flipping

She changes the side
She is best

She is rest

Eyes full of love

Are always mine
She is mine

She is not

Is the thought

Everyday I thought
She is day

She is night

What I am now

Is what you see
She is love

She is hate

Whatever it was

I took her on date
It was hot

It was cold

These were nothing

just her and my thoughts
Love is light

Love is dark

The only cause

Of every fight
Sometimes I think

Sometimes I do

What’s the reality

It’s always slow
It is to flow

It is to stand

Whatever it is

It’s not in hand
It is a fashion

It is the way

To follow till end

Is not easyas to say
You read this

You read that

Reading this all

Gonna make you fat
You’re fast

You’re slow

What you think 

Isn’t the scene
She is the path

She is the destiny

Now my friend

You’re my family 
Love me and hold me till I die

Everyday tell me that you don’t lie…. 


Lost in sand, take my hand…

​We are strangers

In world of dangers

One thing to search 

Just another stranger 
Life is hard

I got on start

But where the sky

I see all dark
Light is bright 

That is heard

Where the spot

And how far?
Things that told

Humanity in human

What is here

Is the selfish
Ages know

Stranger as trader

They give some

To get some
Ask me man

If fair it is

For secrets I give 

I find loneliness 
People so smart

Tell time heals pain

Again the trade

Not aid for pain
Trade as here

Simple no fear

Power to bear

But not to clear
Pain to gain

Isn’t that great? 

Responsibility with power? 

I see empty tower
Where are we

You just think 

Can you feel

Without a blink
World now changed

Kill for pleasure 

Feeling or promise

Anything you wish
What I search

Is just my stranger

To light my sky

With love not cry
Meet me where

My world tends to die…..
Lost in sand

Take my hand..

Wait for love…

​It’s hard to believe

How we are different

How we all are so different

And yet we have same goals
But it’s not about all

It’s about us

Us i mean 

Is all you and a bit me
My soul is mine

My body is mine

But not the way

That it’s yours
I mean how’s it possible

That i make a mess

And the one who cleans it

Is you with smile
How crazy is it

That no matter how far we are

You’re still near to me

Like sun and earth
I can’t see you

I know you’re too far

Yet i feel you 

Yet i love you
No matter how good i am

I’m still not best

I must be better

If i have to be with you
Still you have a problem

You love me the way i am

You just make me angry

And still the one to calm me
I really hate myself

How i can’t hate you

I mean how can this be

That only you’re the thing i love
 I wish i could just leave you

But you’re the elixir

That fixes my heart

To the limit of limitless
I just think sometimes

How meaningless i was

When it was all without you

But my meaning was you
I just hate it truly

When you give me a meaning

And how my words

Mean a lot when for you
Even hating you is hard

And loving you is harder

Because i still don’t know

Who that you is
Maybe i know you

But i hate that you never talk

Or maybe you do and i don’t see

But i still hate you
I hate you to a level

That it turns to love

It’s just dark and darker

That it starts emitting light
Maybe i could just lose

Or maybe I’ll win

But I’ll wait for the day

When I’ll find you
And trust me for it

Then only it will mean something

Expensive with no price(poem)

​Whatever that is bright 

Is always assumed right

With what i say

I’m burning despite 
Whatever she said

I assumed it be awesome 

When she said love

It was a flower blossom 
The face of her

Is always smiling 

She helped me always 

She left me dying 
I thought for a moment 

A moment to trust

With whatever she did

Now Me the iron is rust
I was strong 

Now I’m not

I bear the hammer 

Now even air takes me away
Awesome were times

When she handed me food

Food she said she made

Food?! It was poison 
Awesome was it

When she dressed my wounds

The lotion she applied 

Was rather just salt
Awesome was when

She said life great

I wish she was right 

But all was a lie
The way i suffer

Just made me strong 

Awesome is the life

That tells fall to rise
You think 

Who she is

She is none but in us 

In me she lies 
You think you’re wise

You don’t hear her

Where rolls the dice

But where a soul cries
Humanity she is

Expensive with no price…